How to treat nail fungus on feet

One of the most common diseases today is a fungus on his feet. Occurs defeat fungus called “red trihofiton”of the human foot and nail. As a result of the disease in the human body accumulates noxious toxins that appear at reproduction and growth of pathogenic fungi. These substances are carried by the bloodstream throughout the body, there is deterioration the metabolism and increase the body’s sensitivity to various adverse external factors. Causes are injury to the legs, bruises, calluses and cuts. The high probability of infection when using washcloths, sponges, rugs and other items of daily use. With the same frequency can infect with fungus in crowded places: on the beach, in the sauna and bath.

Symptoms of nail fungus on my feet

fungiGenerally fungus infection usually begins with the fact that the patient feels dryness and peeling feet, itch and redness, change the shape and color of the nails. Appear bands of yellow color spots, fingernails become cracked, brittle, lose their color. Nails crumble, there are voids.

In the initial stages can applied gels and ointments. But if the fungus has already caught your nails, then it is time to urgently seek a dermatologist! Note also that fungal infections (mycosis) can complicate psoriasis or eczema that more should motivate you to visit a doctor. Basically symptoms of the disease depend on the type of mycosis:

  • Vesicular type – defeat begins with the bottom of the foot. Appear small distention and blisters with fluid.
  • Membranous type. The disease is characterized by localization between the little finger and the penultimate toe of foot. On the skin of visible flakes and cracks, perhaps even more obvious skin lesions to the accession bacterial infection.
  • Mokasinopodobny type. Mycosis begins with the heel and sole of the foot. Manifested by pain and thickening of the skin, cracks occur.

Treatment of nail fungus on the legs

For successful treatment of mycosis must determine the fungus-pathogen of the skin, as well as the degree of pathology. Otherwise, even the most expensive drug therapy is not able to give a result. Medications with high fat content are well suited for dry skin appearance; sole better handle ointment and interdigital spaces lubricated suspensions. To cure the fungus on the nails, you can use varnish. Topical preparations are usually combined with systemic. This is necessary because it is only way to achieve a successful recovery. If you notice on skin of nails less than 50% fungal lesions, to cope with the disease, you can use ointments – Amorolfine, Lamisil, Nizoral, Zalain and Candide. They are used twice daily, morning and evening. After 2 weeks it is necessary to change the ointment. Drugs of systemic effect  such as Lamisil, Exoderil, Orungal, Griseofulvin, Nizoral Mikosisit and Nizoral is suitable in the case where the fungus struck more than 50% of the nail plate. However, their will need to use under constant medical supervision, because many systemic means quite dangerous. Before the start of systemic treatment is necessary to remove the affected nails.

Treatment of fungal toenails folk remedies:

  • Washing powder. One-hundred grams of the powder is dissolved in hot water. Keep feet in this composition until symptoms disappear. Then continue with treatment for three days.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. To start must to steam nails in a solution of soda (a teaspoon of baking soda per gallon of water). After that can use wool which is impregnated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and applied to the desired portion of the nail for 45-60 minutes. In order to avoid evaporation and effective process, the foot should roll up in a plastic bag. You can read more about this method.
  • Cut the cloves in half, dip it in salt and give it a rub the sore spot.
  • Add in one glass of water a tablespoon of pharmacy ammonia. Next, take a cotton cloth, dip it in solution and wrap the foot at night in the form of a compress.
  • Soda prevents the spread of infection. Take a soda; dilute it with water, received gruel put on the wound on 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water feet, powder the powder.
  • Boric acid. Good steam to feet. Next, sprinkle dry powder of this acid on foot. Wear socks at night. Repeat 8-10 times this procedure.
  • A mixture of iodine, glycerol, vinegar essenceand water. All this is mixed in a ratio of 1: 2 (water). Made with a mixture then polish legs at night. Repeat about ten times.
  • If you are worried about the initial stage of the fungus between the toes, put within 14 days of cotton swabs in the interdigital spaces at night.
  • Apply the pulp of this vegetable to the affected places.
  • Must take a bit of chamomile, peppermint, sage and nettle. Dried herbs thoroughly mix and put in a sock. Socks with the contents change daily.


  • Do not walk barefoot on infected surfaces. Taking a shower in the swimming pool, a dormitory, a gym, be sure to wear rubber slippers.
  • Do not visit the swimming pool and sauna with damaged skin.
  • Purchase only high-quality, comfortable shoes from leather, suede, fabric. It should not squeeze your foot.
  • Tools manicure, pedicure carefully processed. Do not use stranger’s socks, stockings, slippers, towels.
  • Every day must change tights, socks, stockings.
  • Feet should be washed 2 times a day – morning and evening. Be sure to wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Watch your health as a whole. Consume a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals; eat fresh summer fruits, berries and vegetables, vitamins.
  • Mycosis appears in diabetes, varicose veins. Must pass the diagnostics for eliminate the underlying disease. Then cure mycosis will be much easier.

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